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Dr. Robert Sabo appointed new medical examiner
Dr. Robert Sabo is Warren Countys new medical examiner.

Dr. Robert Sabo is Warren County’s new medical examiner.
Warren County commissioners voted unanimously Monday night to name Sabo to the position. The measure passed 21-0. Absent from the meeting were Commissioners Gary Prater and Ron Lee. Commissioner Teddy Boyd was in attendance but abstained from voting due to a “conflict of interest.”
The pursuit to find a new medical examiner started in October when Dr. Charles Morgan was replaced with Dr. Trey Kirby on an interim basis by the county Safety Committee. According to EMS director Preston Denney, Morgan went from readily accessible to unable to contact, especially after business hours.
Kirby was selected temporarily, but declined the position on a permanent basis and a follow-up meeting was held to select one of the other doctors.
“He (Kirby) said he had too much going on right now,” said Denney. “He was OK with being interim, but not on a permanent basis. He’s remaining as a backup. He said he would help in any way he could.”
Denney recommended Sabo, adding he had already unofficially started in that capacity after he was contacted and informed Kirby had declined.
“Dr. Sabo has been very active so far in the cases we’ve had,” said Denney. “Pretty much every one that we’ve had he’s called and asked questions about.”