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Downtown riddled with break-ins
Two businesses hit this week
Pictured is a desk in the front room of Home Town Realty on Main Street. The office was ransacked then sprayed with a fire extinguisher that was there.
Downtown McMinnville has been the target of multiple break-ins over the past two weeks with city officers collecting clues they hope lead to the arrest of the culprit.Among the businesses burglarized over the past two weeks are the Chamber of Commerce, Magness Library, Home Town Realty, Pioneer Playpit, the Farmers Market, and an upstairs residence on Main Street.“We can’t rule out that these are all connected, although there’s nothing that tells us they are,” said McMinnville Police Det. Derwin Adcock. “We know they are all in close proximity of one another.”It is not known if one person, or several people, are responsible.A break-in at the Chamber was discovered Thursday morning when employees came to work.