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Dogs gone
dogs stolen3

Three dogs have been taken from Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center.

“Someone stole three court-case dogs from the shelter,” said Animal Control officer Brandi Bouldin. “I’m very frustrated about this. It’s two pitbull mixes and one boxer mix. The pitbulls are white and the boxer is a brindle color.”

Brouldin says the incident happened between Monday night and Tuesday morning.

“I closed the cable gate yesterday when I got back from transport,” she said Tuesday. “When Deitra (Kester) came in this morning, the cable was down, the perimeter gate was open and their kennel door was open. No dogs. Everything was closed when I left the evening before.”

The court case is a citation for animal cruelty against Julian Martinez, 19. That case began March 5 with an incident report filed by deputy Tyler Glenn, who responded to assist Animal Control regarding dogs being housed inside a vehicle.

“He (Martinez) then went to the vehicle and opened the door,” said Glenn. “There was a very strong odor of feces coming from the vehicle. Mr. Martinez was unable to even get into the vehicle due to the dogs trying to force their way out of the vehicle. There was also feces all in the vehicle and wires hanging off the steering column, possible damage of three dogs locked in. Myself and Animal Control warned Mr. Martinez that if he did not get the animals somewhere appropriate we would come back and take the animals and issue a warrant.”

Kester said she returned to the residence four times to check on the welfare of the dogs and decided on March 19 to remove the dogs.

“I returned to the residence on four separate occasions,” she said. “The dogs were still in the vehicle. They were removed and a citation written on March 19. The day after we got the dogs, they were pooping out clothes and aluminum foil and air fresheners. It was bad. They were eating anything and everything they could find inside that vehicle.”

A court date for the citation was set for April 3. Martinez failed to appear and a bench warrant was issued for his arrest.

If anyone has information about the dogs’ whereabouts, or the location of Martinez, they are urged to call the Warren County Sheriff’s Department.