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Dogs euthanized, 1 cat escapes
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Warren County Animal Control euthanized five dogs in December.
One dog was euthanized by the center’s veterinarian after being diagnosed with distemper, a contagious and serious viral illness with no known cure. The other four were euthanized at Animal Control due to their temperament.
“They were aggressive,” director Kim Pettrey said of the four dogs. “I didn’t feel they could be safely homed.”
The information was presented during a county Health and Welfare Committee meeting.
Last month, the facility took in 59 dogs, returned one dog to its owner, had nine dogs adopted, and 56 dogs were sent to rescue groups.
The facility took in 17 cats, had 10 adopted, sent three to rescue groups, two died from natural causes, and none were euthanized.
“We did have one cat escape,” said Pettrey. “The owner let it loose before it got into the building.”
During December, the department responded to 24 calls, received $216 in rabies fees, received $1,240 in adoption fees, received $104 in monetary donations, received approximately $400 in animal food, and will reimburse $430 for grant-funded adoptions.
Adoptions are $85 for a dog and $65 for a cat, which includes the cost to spay or neuter. Animal Control requires animals to be medically altered before leaving the facility.
By the end of December, the facility had 29 dogs and 44 cats remaining.