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Director of Schools applicants up to 8
Bobby cox mug
Director of Schools Bobby Cox

Eight applications have been received for Warren County’s director of school position being vacated at the end of the school year by Bobby Cox.

As of Thursday, two local candidates have applied, along with three other Tennessee candidates and three out-of-state candidates. The job posting closes Friday, Feb. 28, at midnight.

“There are a bunch of highly educated folks applying,” said school system director of human resources Roy Pierce. “Most everybody who has applied has completed their PhD or is working to complete it.”

With potential candidates having all day Friday to apply, Pierce said he is expecting to receive several applications.

“Most job postings like this with supervisors or coaches we’ll get a flurry at the last minute,” said Pierce. “The local people who are interested will apply in the first few days, but those from out of town will wait and consider it to determine if it’s a job they really want to apply for.”

In Tennessee, Pierce said he has received applications from residents of Nashville, Jackson and Winchester. Outside the state, applications have been submitted from Colorado, Utah and New Mexico.

The Standard will publish the list of applicants when it’s made available.

Cox announced his resignation during last month’s School Board meeting on Jan. 23. In doing so, he said he would serve until the end of this school year.

The School Board has said it would like to have a new director of schools hired by late March or early April.