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Delayed again
Milner Recreation Center opening pushed back again because doors are too short
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An issue with the height of several interior and exterior doors at Milner Recreation Center has created more delays. The doors are too short and new ones must be ordered. Trying to overcome the issue with rubber mats won't be sufficient.

Milner Recreation Center will not open in mid-March. The project has suffered another delay.

According to city administrator Nolan Ming, it could be “late April” before the facility opens, while McMinnville Parks and Recreation director Scott McCord stated, “I’d say the first of May.” 

Among the most recent delays is a need to order several new doors, including four entry doors and two emergency doors.  

An update on the project was given to members of the city’s Ad Hoc Committee on Friday. 

City attorney Tim Pirtle asked if the mistake was created by a building design flaw. 

“I think it was a Sain flaw,” said Ming, of Sain Construction Company.

McCord added, “Sain will have to fix this one on their dollar.”

Ming says it is unclear if the first set of doors ordered by Sain Construction was the wrong size or the right size and inadvertently cut by an employee of the construction company. 

“The doors are two-and-a-half inches too short,” said Ming. “Regardless of why, this is Sain’s responsibility. They are taking full responsibility for it. They did offered a solution, but the fire marshal has rejected it.” 

Proposed and rejected were ramps to accommodate for what would be gap between the bottom of the door and the floor. 

Because Sain will be absorbing the cost, no price was given on how much the mistake will cost the company to order new doors.

“The delay is not due to the doors alone,” said Ming. “It’s a combination of the paving being delayed, the flooring for the Wellness Center which will take four weeks to arrive and a delay with the doors. Some of those things can and will happen concurrently, so the amount of delay is unknown at this time.” 

The Southern Standard reported on the Wellness Center flooring issue and the delay in paving in February.

The project is just over 97% complete, according to an analysis by Ming.