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Davis faces charges for beating wife
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A man faces felony domestic assault charges for beating his wife on two consecutive nights and choking her into near unconsciousness.
The suspect, Jeremy Lee Davis, could face three to six years in prison if convicted on the charge of aggravated assault. He has been indicted by the grand jury and will face arraignment before Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley later this month.
The judicial commissioner who signed the warrants against Davis said the suspect’s wife had bruises running from her neck and upper chest, down her arms and on her legs. The warrant maintains Davis held his wife down, putting all 250 pounds of his weight on top of her.
“On both occasions he placed his forearms against her throat, choking her to the point that she states she was about to black out,” the warrant reads, noting that on one of the occasions Davis asked her “Do you want to die?”
The alleged assaults happened at the couple’s Rock Island home.