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Cumberland Biscuit Compay gets approval for beer permit

Biscuits and beer – Cumberland Biscuit Company has been approved for a beer permit.

“We serve dinner on Saturday nights,” said Matt Sands, the owner of Cumberland Biscuit Company. “At this time, our plan is to serve bottles or can beers. Possibly, at some point, we can hook up with a local brewery and provide tap beer.”

The Alcoholic Beverage Board of the city of McMinnville met Monday to consider an application from Cumberland Biscuit Company to sell beer.

“Currently, we are only serving dinner on Saturday nights,” said Sands. “Next month, probably, we plan on offering dinner on Friday nights as well. The same hours are Saturday night, from 4:30 until 8 p.m.”

The business began in 2017 with breakfast and expanded into brunch and lunch.

Alcoholic Beverage Board member unanimously approved an on-premise permit that will allow Cumberland Biscuit Company, located at 114 West Main Street, to serve beer.