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Crossing county line doesn't save suspect from arrest
Joseph Tyler Green.jpg

A White County resident has been hit with several charges after leading a Warren County deputy on a high-speed chase that crossed the county line.

Joseph Tyler Green, 27, has been charged with reckless endangerment, evading arrest, simple possession, and driving on a revoked license. 

Green was arrested Wednesday in Cannon County after a high-speed chase involving Warren County deputy Jared Jacobs.

The pursuit started here in the area of Apache Lane and Pigeon Hill Road at approximately 11 a.m. 

“Deputy Jacobs witnessed Green driving erratically on Pigeon Hill Road,” said Sheriff’s Department Major Jason Walker. “He attempted a stop of the black Ford F-150.”

Green attempted to elude Jacobs by taking backroads at various speeds and entered the neighboring county. Jacobs could be heard regularly reporting his location and the lack of traffic to E-911 dispatch. 

“We just passed one vehicle,” said Jacobs. “That’s the first one I’ve seen.”

Walker said pursuits can be very dangerous to officers, suspects and citizens, so deputies involved in them report those details.

“It’s up to the officer to call off a pursuit if he or she feels like the situation has become dangerous,” said Walker. 

“However, if a supervisor deems it to be unsafe, they can also call it off. That is why deputy Jacobs was giving all that information to dispatch," Walker continued.

Green stopped more than 20 minutes later in a field on George Scott Road in Cannon County and took off on foot. The run was brief as Jacobs gave chase on foot and made an arrest. Jacobs informed dispatch, “I have one male in custody.” 

After facing charges in Warren County, Green will likely be transported by deputies to Coffee County. He faces felony warrants there.