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Courthouse storage may get nearly $23K upgrade
Bouldin, Carl E..jpg
Bouldin, Carl E

The record storage area at Warren County Courthouse could receive a $22,985 upgrade.

The county Building and Grounds Committee met Tuesday and gave initial approval for the purchase of 12 U-line shelving units, 24 roller shelving units, four Little Giant Ladders, and other items that will be used to upgrade record storage rooms at the courthouse.

“I’ve tried to get something done about it for years, but we never had the money to do it,” said Commissioner Carl E. Bouldin. “If we have the money now, we need to get it done. I make a motion that we approve this proposal.”

Those words came following a presentation by Warren County safety coordinator David Britton of a Courthouse Records Storage Program and a cost estimate for purchase, shipping and installation. 

“They unbox everything and put it in place,” said Britton. “When they walk away, we’re ready to load them up with books. It’s more expensive shelving, but it will solve that problem. If you look at the roller units that have been in there a long time, they’re in good shape. They are built to handle this weight for the long haul and that’s why we are proposing them.”

Britton informed committee members several months ago of safety concerns regarding how courthouse storage is currently being handled. “Employees work at chest- to overhead-reach levels, as well as the same reach levels while standing on a step ladder. Employees hand boxes down to co-workers at floor level which then places two employees at risk.”

Said Circuit Court Clerk Casi Cantrell, “The good thing about the rolling shelves is that once we order them, we shouldn’t have to order anymore. The number of books is never going to change. We don’t use them anymore. They stopped using them in 2014 with the new system. Whatever books we have is all we will ever have.” 

Building and Grounds Committee members unanimously approved the $22,985 shelving project. The measure will be sent to the county Budget and Finance Committee for consideration.