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Courthouse elevator stuck
Elevator out.jpg
The elevator at Warren County Courthouse is not currently in operation. That prevents some people with physical handicaps from reaching second-floor courtrooms.

The elevator at Warren County Courthouse is up and it’s not coming down.

County maintenance employee Greg Bowdoin says the hydraulic cylinder has malfunctioned and the elevator is stuck on the top floor of the courthouse. The elevator is estimated to be 40 years old.

“It started acting up last week a little bit. I got hold of Otis (Elevator Company). They told me what to look for. It started vibrating. The cylinder is stuck on it all the way at the top. It won’t come down. He can’t get here this week. He’s going to try to get here next week and put weights on it and hope it comes down.”

Members of the county’s Building and Grounds Committee met Tuesday to discuss the situation.

Handicap accessibility is going to be a problem with both courtrooms on the second floor of the courthouse, says County Executive Jimmy Haley.

“If it needs to be replaced, that could take weeks. With the holiday coming, it’s going to be an even bigger issue,” said Haley. “Court has to have court. They said three people came today that couldn’t get up the steps.”

Under consideration is postponing court cases involving handicapped individuals until after the elevator is repaired, holding cases involving handicapped individuals at Warren County Administrative Offices courtroom, or relocating court to the administrative building.

“Judge Locke thought it might be better to just hold all his cases here,” said Haley. “From his perspective, that would be better because then he doesn’t have to worry about people having to be challenged by the elevator. It could be January before this is fixed.”

No decision has been made on court relocation.