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County recycling at 14 percent for 2019
Josh Roberts in truck.jpg
FILE PHOTO. Warren County Sanitation Department director Josh Roberts.

Sanitation Department director Josh Roberts gave an update about commercial and out-of-town dumping while sharing his monthly report. 

Roberts said he feels like progress is being made and that his department is trying to work with people.

Asked Commissioner Blaine Wilcher, “We talked about the business dumping, any updates on that?

Answered Roberts, “We have stopped a lot of the construction dumping at the fairgrounds site. We have not enforced the restaurants. Right now, we’ve got a restaurant in Midway and in Rock Island that are using the sites. I’m going to get with Sheriff Myers to see how we need to handle that.”

Roberts said he had talked to one restaurant owner about options for a private waste service to come and retrieve her garbage.

“I’d rather work with people,” said Roberts. “I don’t want to get anyone in trouble.”   

Also shared was Sanitation’s yearly report, which shows Warren County is recycling 14 percent of its garbage.

According to the 2019 year-end totals, the department collected 9,329.49 tons of solid waste costing the county $418,305 and 1,478.74 tons were recycled, meaning 14 percent of the waste collected by the department in 2019 was recycled.

Included in the monthly report for December:

• Southern Central Services accepted 836 tons – 140 loads – at a cost to the county of $37,957.

• Recycled cardboard was 41 tons. 

• Southern Central Iron and Metal took 29 tons of metal with the county receiving $2,945 for the 16 loads, and half a ton of aluminum cans with the county receiving $336 for 2 loads.

• The county received 12 used batteries and collected $90 for recycling those.

• Collected were 909 passenger tires and 61 truck tires.

• Received were 2 tons of used oil, 1 ton of electronics, and 4 tons of plastic.