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County paid $36K for trash hauling in May
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It was a record month for trash in Warren County.
In May, the county paid over $36,000 to haul off trash from its convenience centers.
“We hauled more last month than we’ve hauled since … I can’t remember when,” said Warren County Sanitation Department director Steve Hillis. “We hauled 803.88 tons to Southern Central that we received at our convenience centers. That’s a lot of tonnage. I don’t know what happened, but I guess everyone is hauling off their garbage. It was 119 loads.”
The cost to the county was $34,165.
The monthly report was presented to the county Health and Welfare Committee.
Another cost to the county was for hauling material to WastAway.
“We hauled 44.61 tons to WastAway, thank goodness,” said Hillis. “That cost us $1,851.50 for five loads.”
Money did come back to the county:
• $231 was received for newsprint, two loads
• $1,087 was received for cardboard, 10 loads
• S3,673 was received from Southern Central for iron/ metal, 17 loads
• $963 was received for aluminum cans, four loads
• $90 was received for 12 used batteries
Collected was 3,132 used passenger tires and 216 truck tires.
“That’s quite a few tires,” said Hillis, who says that’s an indicator people are purchasing new tires. “The economy in Warren County must be doing really good, evidently.”
Also collected were 550 gallons of used oil, three tons of electronics, and 3.76 tons of plastic.
For the month of May, per the report, 83 tons were recycled and money coming back to the county totaled $6,044; almost 90 tons was paid to be recycled and 803 tons went to the landfill; and 18 percent was recycled, which is an increase of 2 percent from the month prior.