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County OK'd for disaster relief funding
Road damage 2019.jpg
Turner's Bend Road suffered significant damage.

Warren County has been approved for disaster relief funds from the federal government to help cover damages estimated to be $300,000. 

According to Road Superintendent Levie Glenn on Tuesday, he will be meeting with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) officials to discuss the damages to Hurricane Hollow Road and Turner’s Bend Road.

“FEMA has a meeting scheduled at Coffee County Conference Center,” said Glenn. “I will be in attendance. Hopefully we can recoup those expenses. The estimated cost in damages is $300,000. Actual cost could be more. We have to bid the project out first.”

The meeting will determine how much of the estimated $300,000 will be awarded by FEMA. The county could also qualify for funding from Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA). 

Glenn says some residents do not understand why improvements are not being made. 

“I’ve had people ask me why we haven’t begun improvements,” said Glenn. “They don’t understand. When you apply for disaster relief, FEMA doesn’t want you to bother things. They want to see it as-is."

The information was presented during a county Highway and Bridge Committee meeting. 

Glenn also informed committee members that a live auction held May 4 attracted approximately 60 individuals to buy surplus Highway Department equipment and raised $40,000.

“I want to thank this committee for supporting my efforts in keeping our auctions local and not using an online auction service,” said Glenn. 

Proceeds from the auction will be placed in the department’s fund balance.