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County looks at grant to help transition inmates into society
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A grant is under consideration that would help reduce the revolving jail door.

Warren County commissioners have their sights set on a three-year $250,000 grant from Tennessee Department of Corrections to reduce recidivism and help inmates transition back into society.  

“Four counties in Tennessee will be awarded a three-year $250,000 grant,” said Commissioner Joseph Stotts. “Specifically for county re-entry programs that reduce recidivism and probation revocations. It looks like we are good to go for applying for the grant, if we want to try for it.”

Funds can be used on an existing program aimed to reduce recidivism and probation revocations or to establish a new program.

“We could look at expansion of the Adult Recovery Court Program since it is so successful,” said Stotts. “Or we could look at other programs. Basically, it looks like we are good to go for applying for the grant, if we want to try for it.”

Commissioners expressed interest in expanding the Adult Recovery Court Program after listening to a presentation by its director, C. Brad Price. The program has a high success rate. Of the individuals who have graduated, 82 percent have not re-offended after five years from completing the Adult Recovery Court Program.

The intent of the grant is to provide reentry program funding for rural, local governments. While large counties are not discouraged from applying, priority will be given to rural areas.

The grant proposal deadline is Jan. 2, 2019 at 2 p.m. Award notice is Jan. 15.

Information on the grant was presented to the county’s Corrections Partnership Committee. Its members voiced approval for moving forward with the grant application.