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County keeps eye on ADA deadlines
ADA compliance review
Lisa Hobbs photo An ADA-compliance review of properties owned by Warren County government took place Friday, with Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center one of the first on the list. Upland Design Group was hired to make sure proposed projects bring the county into compliance. Among those pictured are County Executive Herschel Wells, left, and Upland architect Allen Hill, right with a tape measure.
Warren County government has until December 2019 to bring its buildings into compliance with ADA regulations, a deadline slowly approaching. “We are reviewing ADA compliance as far as parking,” said Upland Design Group architect Allen Hill at Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center on Friday. According to ADA, the building needs a handicap parking space with proper access aisle, an accessible pathway to the front door from the parking space, and a parking sign that designates the space, among other items.