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County going forward with plans for sidewalk

A cost estimate is being generated for work to improve parking and pedestrian safety at Warren County Administrative Offices.

“It looks like it’s going to run us about $5,200 to put a sidewalk that’s 5-foot wide the entire length of the front of the building,” said Commissioner Robert Hennessee. “That would include handicap ramps. Of course, that’s just one portion of the work. There will have to be some light demolition to take away the existing curb, gravel and landscaping.”

Hennessee proposed in December the county consider reworking the front parking lot to improve parking and pedestrian safety. Specifically, he suggests removing the landscaping along the front of the building to construct a sidewalk and provide a larger space for vehicles to pull in and out of parking spaces.

“What’s so unfortunate is everyone who comes to visit this building is walking right in the middle of the road. That’s a huge danger and liability,” said Hennessee, two months ago. “It wouldn’t take that much to do that, add a sidewalk so people could get out of their cars and walk on the sidewalk and come into the building. It’s hard to pull into the front of this building, especially if you have a king-cab truck. There’s really no radius to pull in with the way it is set up. If we can do this, it would give a lot more room to back vehicles up.”

Members unanimously approved moving forward with obtaining a cost estimate for that work. Hennessee presented the sidewalk estimate to committee members for informational purposes only.