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County goes with Upland Design for ADA inspection
According to County Executive Herschel Wells, the county must submit a transitional plan.

Warren County government is considering Upland Design Group as the architectural firm to inspect its buildings for ADA compliance.
Local governments across the state have until December 2019 to bring all public buildings into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. If not, the Tennessee Department of Transportation will withhold gasoline tax given to those governments. The state tied the two together in order to force ADA compliance.
According to County Executive Herschel Wells during a Financial Management Committee on Thursday, the county must submit a “Transition Plan” to the state that outlines what work must be complete to bring all county buildings into ADA compliance.
“What we need right off the bat is a Transition Plan,” said Wells, chair of the committee. “An architect has to go through all our county buildings to see what they have to have done to bring them up to ADA code – bathrooms, reception desk. We will have to change the jury box at the courthouse. We will have to get a restroom up there that’s ADA compliant. We’ve got to have a door where you hit the button and they open up. Those have to be on all buildings.”
The architect will list the projects, plus an estimate on cost for each, and that information will be submitted to the state for approval.
The county will have until December 2019 to complete the projects.
At this time, it is unknown what the cost will be for the review and to generate the necessary document.
“We can’t give you a price right now,” said Wells. “They don’t really know. They’ve told me they think it will be between $8,000 and $10,000 for the Transition Plan.”
That cost does not include Upland Design Group generating bid documents that will be needed by the county to go out for bids on the various projects.
Hiring Upland Design Group was approved. Later that evening, the county Budget and Finance Committee met and also approved the measure.