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County faces controversial animal issues
Resolution asks for removal of Martin as chair
Commissioner Michael Martin.

Three controversial issues could come to a head Monday night when the full Warren County Commission is scheduled to vote on three resolutions.
Up for consideration are: a resolution to rename the Warren County Animal Control facility Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center, a resolution to amend the docket of the monthly meetings to include a period of public comment, and a resolution to remove Commissioner Michael Martin from his position as chairman of the Health and Welfare Committee.
Behind all three resolutions are controversies involving Warren County Animal Control that began Feb. 8 during a Health and Welfare Committee meeting in which chairman Martin voiced his opinion the name of the county’s Animal Control facility should not be changed to reflect an emphases on animal rescue and animal adoption.
Commissioner Blaine Wilcher proposed the name change, stating the emphases has changed to rescue and adoption and presenting numbers from 2015 that showed 856 animals were taken into the facility. Of those, 710 were adopted or sent to rescue groups making the adoption rate 83 percent.
Wilcher made a motion to change the name in committee, but it died. However, during a committee meeting Feb. 23, members voted 4-0 to send the name change to the full Warren County Commission.
After the Feb. 8 meeting, a petition circulating on Facebook called for the removal of Michael Martin as chair of the committee. The request has more than 1,000 signatures. Commissioner Michael Shane Wilcher requested a resolution be drafted and presented to the full Warren County Commission for its consideration.
The commission meets once a month. In February, concerned citizens were in attendance and wanted to address the court. However, there is no time allotted to hear public comment. A motion by Michael Shane Wilcher to allow time to speak failed 16-7.
Approximately 20 to 25 members of the public were in attendance. Among those was former county commissioner Sally Brock, who voiced her disappointment they were not allowed to speak about the welfare of animals at Warren County Animal Control.
Michael Shane requested a resolution be drafted and presented to the full Warren County Commission for its consideration. If it passes, the measure will require the county to allow public comments during the meeting after “Reading of the Minutes.”
All resolutions require majority vote to pass.