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County employees may get raise, bonus
Denney, Preston.jpg
Preston Denney

County employees may be getting a raise and a bonus. 

The county Budget and Finance committee discussed recommending raises and bonuses to all county employees except for a few departments. Most of the discussion was determining who was getting a raise versus who was getting a bonus.

Every county employee has been recommended by the committee to receive a raise except for those who received one in the past fiscal year. The committee didn’t allow for any raises this past fiscal year until last month for Sanitation Department truck drivers.

Those drivers, the Highway Department, the County Clerk’s Office, and the Clerk and Masters Office were all excluded from the raise recommendation.

“I would like to see the county employees get a raise,” said committee member Christy Ross. The raise consists of $0.50 to the hourly wage of every full-time county employee that isn’t in any of the departments mentioned. In addition, $0.25 will be added for every part-time employee.

EMS director Preston Denney may be receiving a special raise of an extra $3,500 to his yearly salary. When EMS requested a bonus, Denney didn’t request one for himself. It has been brought the committee’s attention that he has current employees that make as much, or more, than Denney. Committee chair Scott Rubley said, “Preston has done an exceptional job turning EMS around and we needed to correct his salary.”

As for bonuses, every Warren County full-time employee could be receiving a $500 one-time bonus. Part-time employees could receive a one-time $250 bonus. All departments except EMS will be receiving this bonus as EMS received a bonus in April. All other departments, including the ones exempt from the raises, are included in this plan.

Budget and Finance Committee chair Scott Rubley said, “We’ve had discussions of great length trying to make this fair across the board and it’s almost impossible.” 

The committee voted unanimously for all three motions and each will be brought before the County Commission for further discussion and potential approval on Monday, June 28.