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County determining how best to distribute $120K
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A revenue windfall of $120,215 for Warren County government could be distributed among its departments.

The county Financial Management Committee was presented with the unexpected income from a State Revenue Sharing – Telecommunications Bill that went into effect in 2017 after passing the Tennessee General Assembly and being signed into law by the governor.

Since January, the county has received two deposits of $108,215 and $12,000 from the new revenue.

Auditor Amy Hewitt says the county can elect to place the money in the county’s general fund or distribute it to departments based on the percentage they receive of the county property tax revenue.

“It is the opinion of our office that is up to the County Commission on whether they want to treat it as a state revenue of the general fund or if they want to prorate it on the property tax rate,” said Hewitt.

If the county goes with prorate, the money will not be distributed equally. Instead it will be distributed by percentage.

“Each department will get a share based on what percentage of property tax goes into their fund,” said Hillis.

Committee members unanimously agreed to recommend to the full Warren County Commission that the funds be prorated to the departments and not placed in the county’s general fund.