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County appoints new commissioner
Candidates not given chance to speak
Tyrone Sparkman is sworn in Monday night as a Warren County commissioner. He will serve until the county election in August. Pictured is Sparkman being sworn in by County Executive Herschel Wells.

Warren County’s 5th District has a new commissioner. Tyrone Sparkman was appointed Monday night to fill the seat vacant by the resignation of Melissa Yancy.
The full County Commission voted 16-6 to appoint Sparkman.
Voting in favor of the nomination were Commissioners David Rhea, Ron Lee, Diane Starkey, Carl E. Bouldin, Teddy Boyd, Michael Martin, Charles Morgan, Linda Jones, Tommy Savage, Randy England, Wayne Copeland, Gary Prater, Morris Bond, Terry Bell, Carl D. Bouldin and Kenny Roberts.
Voting against it were Commissioners Gary Martin, Ken Martin, Carolyn Miller, Scott Rubley, Michael Shane Wilcher and Blaine Wilcher.
Commissioner Carlene Brown abstained.
“I’m very happy that the commissioners gave me this opportunity to serve in Melissa’s place for two months,” said Sparkman. “I am going to run in August as a Democrat. I’ve been a citizen of Warren County all my life, for 53 years. I’m a veteran and I spent 13 months in Korea. I served my country and now I want to serve my district.”
Sparkman was nominated by Michael Martin, followed by Lorie Judkins, who was nominated by Ken Martin.
Prior to the vote, Blaine Wilcher asked County Executive Herschel Wells if the County Commission could hear about both nominees. “Mr. Chairman, will we get an opportunity to hear anything about the candidates before we vote?”
Wells rejected the request stating, “No, we just vote. That’s up to the chairman. We’re just going to vote.”
Blaine Wilcher said his vote against Sparkman is not personal.
“I voted against Mr. Sparkman because I don’t know him,” he said. “I would have liked to have heard a little about him. I do know Lorie Judkins. I know her qualifications. I think candidates should get to speak or whomever nominates them should say ‘I’m nominating so and so because of.’ It’s impossible to vote for someone you don’t know."