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Committee considers parking lot improvements
civic center paving.jpg
The parking lot in front of McMinnville Civic Center has seen better days. Consideration is being given to resurfacing it. - photo by Lisa Hobbs

With completion of McMinnville Civic Center four months away, attention has turned to parking. 

The city’s Civic Center Ad Hoc Committee has decided paving the front parking lot should be next on the city’s to-do list. Paving was bid with the overall project as an alternate, but the city decided not to accept the $160,000 price tag. 

“The driveway looks bad, even before it was used for their construction equipment,” said McMinnville Mayor Ben Newman. “It has looked like crap for a long time. It’s falling apart.” 

City administrator Nolan Ming offered a funding mechanism, the $332,070 offered to the city of McMinnville by the state, and suggested that the curbs in the original lot be removed and not replaced. 

“I would actually propose that we do not come back with any curbs,” said Ming. “It helps with storm water runoff. We can keep more water on our site, as opposed to diverting it down and out to the street and someone else. I feel like a lot of water runs off toward West Elementary right now.”

The building expansion includes construction of a water retention pond.

“If we do it within the project, can we use the money we’re getting from the state?” asked Newman.

Ming replied, “You can’t, I don’t think. I can double check, but I don’t think the money can be used on an existing project.” 

“So, to use the money from the state we’d have to bid it as a separate project,” said Newman. 

Ad Hoc Committee members approved a recommendation to the full Board of Mayor and Aldermen that it consider bidding, as a separate project, paving the front parking lot at the Civic Center so state funds can be used.