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Commissioners change shifts
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Warren County judicial commissioners are playing musical chairs with their shifts.
The changes were prompted by the resignation of supervisor Jim Hartman on Aug. 21, leaving first shift vacant. 
Judicial Commissioner David Williams, who was recently appointed as supervisor, agreed to take that shift.
The move left second shift vacant. Judicial commissioner Ervin White requested he be allowed to take that shift. Policy and Personnel Committee members voted in favor.
“Now, that leaves us with a void on third shift,” said committee chair Tommy Savage. “As I understand it, we have two judicial commissioners interested in it.”
The two were Ken Mullican and Mike Neal. Mullican has been with the department for approximately two years, while Neal was hired in 2016. Both work weekend, part-time shifts.
Mullican ended the debate before it started by removing his name from consideration.
“With all due respect, I think I would rather stay where I’m at because I have a lot going on during the days and it seems like the weekend shift works out well for me,” said Mullican. “I appreciate the consideration.”
Neal works a part-time weekend shift. Consideration turned to hiring another individual. However, Mullican voiced a desire to work Neal’s shift, as well as his own, and that was approved.