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Color selections for Civic Center get approval
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McMinnville Civic Center

Bleacher and court stripe colors have been selected for McMinnville Civic Center’s $10 million makeover. 

The city’s Ad Hoc Committee unanimously approved Michigan blue for bleachers and red, white and dark blue for court stripes.

Members met Wednesday and hammered out color selections. 

“I’m good with either the blue or the gray for the bleachers,” said Mayor Ben Newman. “The blue looks navy when I brought it up on my phone.”

Alderman Steve Harvey asked about a tan color, but he was outnumbered. 

“I like gray or blue,” said Alderman Kate Alsbrook. “The blue is called Michigan blue.”

Harvey said he doesn’t want gray.

“I like both blues, lighter and darker, but I’m not in favor of the gray,” said Harvey. “It’s trendy and that will pass. I hate deciding stuff like this.”

Newman, who previously suggested an alternating orange and white, reluctantly motioned for Michigan blue. 

“I’m going to make a motion to go with number 25, but I’m not calling it Michigan,” said Newman. 

Harvey stated, “If we don’t like it, I’m going to blame it on you.” 

Red, white and dark blue were selected for stripes on the lower courts. Specifically, dark blue for the one large basketball court, red for the two smaller basketball courts, and white for the two volleyball courts. HFR Design suggested visual complexity and the use of three separate colors.

Red, beige, dark blue and white were selected for the upstairs courts, stripes and running track. Chosen was “a red brick” for the track, beige for the court color, dark blue for the basketball court lines and white for the volleyball court lines.

All color selections were unanimously approved.