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Coates wins Tiny Fairest
Tiny Fairest - Court.jpg
This year’s Tiny Fairest court is, from left, third runner-up Jacquelyn McClendon, second runner-up Sayla Winfree, queen Ashber Coates and first runner-up Nyla Millraney. - photo by Nikki Childers
Tiny Fairest - Winner reaction.jpg
Ashber Coates is shocked when she heard her name called as Tiny Fairest of the Fair. - photo by Nikki Childers

Saturday night brought 43 contestants to the stage to compete for the title of Tiny Fairest of the Fair, but only one would walk away with the tiara.

Tiny Fairest of the Fair encompassed children ages 4 to 6 and is one of the newer categories of the A&L Fair’s pageant offerings. After the judges’ careful deliberation and much fanfare from the crowd for all of the young ladies, Ashber Mae Coates was crowned 2021’s Tiny Fairest of the Fair.

The 6-year-old queen is the daughter of Maranda Beard and attends Hickory Creek Elementary where she is currently in the first grade. She enjoys soccer, gymnastics and pageants while her future plans entail growing up and making money to help the homeless to find homes.

The Tiny Fairest court is comprised of third runner-up Jacquelyn McClendon, second runner-up Sayla Winfree, first runner-up Nyla Millraney and queen Ashber Coates.

The top 10 contestants were Kolee Davis, Emberlyn Mae Taylor, Nyla Millraney, Jacquelyn McClendon, Sayla Winfree, Arie Shehane, Riley Sneed, Ashber Coates, Emory Castillo and Emersyn Holt.

The top 20 for the competition were Kolee Davis, Selene Martinez-Lopez, Ashber Coates, Lucy Stotts, Nora Harris, Emersyn Holt, Sayla Winfree, Nyla Millraney, Jacquelyn McClendon, Hadlee Green, Arie Shehane, Riley Sneed, Emory Castillo, Kinsley Knowles, Pinkie Eckart, Emberlyn Mae Taylor, Madilynn Tate, Bailey Carroll, Victoria Roe and Azalea Hills.