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Civil War monument targeted for cleaning
The deteriorated condition of the Civil War monument at Warren County Courthouse has come to light given the recent controversy over a Confederate flag proposed to be placed there. A resolution will be under consideration Sept. 19 to only allow certain flags to be flown on county government property.
Last month, Warren County Commissioners rejected a request to place a Confederate flag beside the Civil War monument at the courthouse. This month, they will be looking at a resolution to prevent such a controversy in the future. Commissioner Michael Shane Wilcher has asked for a resolution banning the placement of any flags on county government property other than the flag of the United States of America, the flag of Tennessee, the flag of Warren County, and/ or the flag of the city of McMinnville.Wilcher said the idea came from Commissioner Tommy Savage who stated his personal belief during the August meeting that those are the only flags which should be flown on county property.“Given the recent discussion of the Confederate flag being raised at the county courthouse, the public outcry, and in part Commissioner Tommy Savage’s measured and prudent suggestion on the floor of the full August County Commission meeting, I am requesting a resolution be drawn up to deal with the issue in the future, not just for the Confederate flag but for all other flags that might be suggested in the years to come,” said Wilcher.There is a state statute regarding the display of POW – MIA flags, according to the county’s legal counsel.