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Civic Center will be location for skate park
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A skate park will be constructed at McMinnville Civic Center.
The final decision was made Wednesday when members of the city Parks and Recreation Committee voted unanimously for that location.
Alderman Ben Newman says the public has made it clear to city officials and Parks and Recreation director Scott McCord they want a central location.
“We’ve met on this several times,” said Newman. “I know Scott has held meetings with the public about this. It seems like, from our last meeting at the Park Theater and the first meeting I wasn’t able to attend, that folks had some negative comments about some of the other areas where we wanted to put it. It seems like the Civic Center would be the best place to put it. We have the room there and I think it’s a good location for that.”
Consideration was also given to Ramsey Park, Pepper Branch Park, the Blue Building, Main Street’s empty lots, and Rocket Park.
“I agree,” said Alderman Steve Harvey. “We’ve gone down every road with this and that seems to be the most logical and seems to be the favorite of the skaters.”
Mayor Jimmy Haley added, “It’s the safest.”
“I agree that it’s the safest,” said Newman. “We know we are going to have some issues with skateboarders on the walkway. That’s probably better than skaters trying to go down to Rocket Park. There’s really no sidewalk there now.”
Skateboarders, said Haley, already use the sidewalk behind the Civic Center and there’s been no issue.
Approval from the full McMinnville Board of Mayor and Aldermen is not needed, meaning the location is final.