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Civic Center parking lot set for $103K upgrade
Although not yet set in stone, McMinnville officials are considering a measure to pave the entire back parking lot at the Civic Center and this small section located at the front of the building.

McMinnville Civic Center will likely soon receive a $103,000 upgrade to its back parking lot by Tinsley Asphalt, the only company to submit a bid.
“I sent out bids Feb. 7 and it went to the newspaper on Feb. 8,” said McMinnville Parks and Recreation director Scott McCord. “I sent the bids to four different companies. I had several phone calls from the contracting company that sends these bids out to different contractors. I had several contractors contact us to say they would attend the mandatory pre-bid meeting. Tinsley was the only company to attend the mandatory meeting.”
Despite the lack of companies interested in the project, the price was less than the city budgeted for paving.
“We met with Tinsley and re-measured everything,” said McCord. “The budgeted amount was $125,000. The bid came in at $103,133. That was a better price than I was thinking because we also added the front parking area. We’ve had some issues in a small section and this will take care of that.”
City officials are currently considering a proposed renovation of the building which includes two expansions, as well as the possibility of an indoor pool.
Alderman Steve Harvey expressed concern for paving prior to construction work that will require the parking lot to be used for staging, which is storage of heavy construction-related equipment and other items and materials such as vehicles and stockpiles.
McCord replied, “We’re paving the back and staging will be in the front. That’s why we’re only paving the back.”
City administrator Bill Brock expressed concern for paving to the front of the building when consideration is being given to expanding the building in that direction.
McCord replied, “This is just a small section. It is right as you walk up the steps. It’s a hazard right now.”
The area was described as a “pothole filled with gravel” by Alderman Everett Brock.
Committee members unanimously approved the paving project. The measure will be sent to the full Board of Mayor and Aldermen for its consideration.