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Civic Center drainage presents problem
civic center drainage issues.jpg
An uncovered drain at McMinnville Civic Center is creating safety concerns for Sain Construction Company and its subcontractors. HFR Design, the city’s architect over the project, has issued a construction change directive so that work can proceed. At this time, who pays and exactly how much is undetermined. - photo by Lisa Hobbs

Drainage has become an issue at McMinnville Civic Center’s $10 million expansion. 

“We needed storm water lines on the outside of the building to pick up storm water that comes from the existing building,” said HFR project manager Kris Teubel. “Based upon the way the building sheds its water, half of the existing roof is shedding down toward the south. We need to provide for storm lines outside of the building to pick up that water and divert it into the local system.”

Existing drainage was underneath the addition being constructed along Garfield Street. To prevent a construction delay HFR approved the work. 

“We issued a construction change directive so they can proceed,” said HFR general architecture division director Steve Griffin. “The most important thing is to keep construction moving.” 

Estimated cost is $8,590, but exact cost is unknown.

A change order request was discussed Tuesday during a meeting of the city’s Ad Hoc Committee, a group set to oversee such requests regarding the $10 million project. Also in attendance were Sain’s project manager Mike Brewer, city attorney Tim Pirtle, Mayor Ben Newman, Aldermen Steve Harvey and Everett Brock, among others. 

“So you really aren’t ready for a decision,” said Pirtle, who explained the committee’s spending limit is $10,000 and above that requires approval by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen. “It sounds like the cost may go north of $8,590.” 

Brewer replied, “It may not go north. We’ve excavated the ditch. We will get our subcontractor here to complete the work and get it covered up. To be honest, at this point, the ditch is a safety hazard.” 

Committee members sent the item of business for Board of Mayor and Aldermen consideration this Tuesday, Oct. 22, during its regular session at 7 p.m.