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City wants more acts at Park Theater
James Gregory has been one of two comedians to sell out the Park Theater.

Bigger and better performances could be on their way to Park Theater.
McMinnville officials are considering an increase in the facility’s booking budget from $59,000 to $85,000 for the upcoming year.
According to McMinnville Parks and Recreation director Scott McCord, more money is needed for bigger acts.
“We want to get some big acts in here and we need to spend some money,” McCord. “The better acts are $10,000 to $12,000.”
The information was presented to Parks and Recreation Committee members during the proposed budget for Park Theater for fiscal year 2016-17.
“The acts we spend more on, we make more revenue on. That’s almost consistently across the board,” said Park Theater manager Kevin Roberts. “The $1,000 to $2,000 acts, we almost can’t get enough people in there to pay for those.”
Making revenue cover expenses for the bigger acts will require completing the balcony to add more seats. Within the proposed budget is $131,000 for the balcony. That amount was the lowest quote received when the city went out for bids.
In an effort to save money, officials rejected the balcony bid and chose to allow city administrator Bill Brock to act as a contractor. Brock says he has a new cost estimate being generated for consideration.
“I’ve had a contractor to come in and look at the project and he is going to price it back to break the project down and price items individually,” said Brock. “If we decide we want to go out and hire someone to put up the rails, we can. If I want to go to him and hire him to finish the floors, he’ll be glad to do that.”
Parks and Recreation Committee members Ben Newman, Steve Harvey and Jimmy Bonner unanimously approved the proposed budget. It will be sent to Finance Committee members for consideration.

Upcoming acts in 2016:
• Meredith Andrews, July 8
• Smoke ‘n Guns, July 29
• Mockingbird Sun & Benton Blout, Aug. 5
• Reba Rambo and Solveig, Aug. 26
• Mark Lowery, Sept. 22
• Henry Cho, Oct. 7
• Georgette Jones, Oct. 15
• Larry Gatlin and the Blackwood Quartet, Oct. 26
• Burning Las Vegas, Oct. 28
• Killer Beaz, Nov. 8
• Restless Heart Christmas Show, Dec. 2