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City streets may get stripes
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Some McMinnville streets are blank canvases, but a painter’s brush could be on the way.

According to city administrator Nolan Ming, the city can utilize a bid obtained by Warren County Highway Department.

“We have spoken with the company that does the paving in the county and we can piggyback off their pricing, which is $1,000 a mile,” said Ming. “We can stripe the 10 miles of pavement that needs it for $10,000.”

The information will be presented to the city Streets and Sanitation Committee for consideration.

“Committee approval must be given before work can begin,” said Ming. “Also, weather will play a factor into when striping is able to be completed.”

Local resident Bonnie Morris brought the need to line city streets to the forefront in November.

“The situation is getting dangerous. I’ve been driving for Med-Ride for four years. I’ve witnessed many instances of near collisions because the lines aren’t there and people don’t know where their lane is,” said Morris. 

She started noticing the absence of street lines when the city repaved in her neighborhood.

“When they repaved Couch Street, they didn’t repaint the lines. I thought that was strange. Then they repaved Mullican Street and didn’t paint the lines back on it either. When they did Hobson Street, they never painted its lines. On some streets the city hasn’t paved, you can see faint reminders of the lines. They are so faint they are practically useless.”

Ming promised the city would “do better” and began seeking a company that could perform that work.

McMinnville government’s committees have a spending limit of $10,000. If piggybacking on the county’s bid is approved, Board of Mayor and Aldermen approval will not be needed.