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City seeks new Community Development director
McMinnville official Everett Brock.

After two years without a full-time Comm-unity Development director, McMinnville officials are taking steps toward filling that position.

The city Building and Grounds Committee met Monday to finalize steps in the hiring process and set a proposed salary. 

“I don’t want this process to drag out like it did when we hired a city administrator,” said Alderman Everett Brock. “We had some viable candidates drop out because the process just drug on and on and on. It was ridiculous.” 

Discussed: the city’s human resource administrator, city administrator and Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS) will screen all the applicants and determine which do not meet the minimum qualifications. Those will be removed and the remaining applicants will be presented to committee members for consideration. Telephone interviews will be followed by in-person interviews. 

Alderman Stacey Harvey voiced a desire for more committee involvement.

“By this scenario, the committee doesn’t get involved until the pool of applicants has been screened by others,” said Harvey. “I don’t particularly like that. I think, and this is just my opinion, we need to see the qualifications and once we get a pool of qualified candidates, the committee should review those candidates. We should determine who we want to speak to – phone interview. After the phone interview, we can move onto the next phase.” 

Alderman Steve Harvey replied, “On the very first step, they’re just throwing out people who aren’t qualified. We shouldn’t be considering those anyway. Do you think we should be involved in that very first step?”

Stacey, “No. We need to get qualified candidates. We need to review all the qualified candidates and at that point in time, determine if we need to go back to the well and look for some more to determine if we missed someone.” 

Committee members also reviewed the proposed budget of Comm-unity Development Department for fiscal year 2021-22. Placed within it was $85,238 as an annual salary. That number was generated based on the average salary of current department directors and will be negotiable based on an individual’s qualifications. 

Also added was $23,000 for a new vehicle to be used by the director when hired.