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City OKs fence for skate park
skate park fence
Lisa Hobbs photo It appears nothing much is happening in the area chosen to be the location of the citys skate park, but that could soon change. A fence purchase has been approved and pouring concrete will follow.

McMinnville officials authorized the purchase of a fence for the skate park on Tuesday night and suspended their own rules in order to do it in a timely manner.

Bids were presented by McMinnville Parks and Recreation director Scott McCord to members of the city’s Parks and Recreation Committee.

“What we’re asking for is a fence to go around the pad, which is 95 by 50 feet,” said McCord. “The concrete will go about a foot outside the posts so the fence will be inside and it’ll look nice and clean. It will be 10 feet high.”

McCord recommended members accept the bid from Premier Fence Company for $10,647. Three other bids were received, with Premier’s being the lowest by $1,347. The Murfreesboro-based company met all specifications and provided all documentation required in the bid.

A $90,000 grant obtained for the skate park stipulated the project be complete by Dec. 31, 2017. Officials included $65,000 within the department’s budget to cover concrete pad, fencing and lighting. However, issues arose when the cost for a concrete pad came in at $27,984.

As a cost-saving measure, the city decided to perform the majority of that work in-house. Then, inclement weather pushed the project into 2018. 

“Can I ask now about bringing this to the full board tonight?” asked Alderman Ben Newman, chair.

By the city’s policy on procedures, the measure cannot be sent to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen in the same evening if it involves a monetary expenditure. The policy can be suspended in case of emergency. And, committees cannot spend more than $10,000 without board approval.

Newman said the next board meeting is three weeks away, the expenditure is “only” $647 over the committee’s spending limit, and the project has already exceeded the required completion date.

When asked his opinion, city attorney Tim Pirtle stated, “Those are your self-imposed rules so it’s certainly one you can waive, if you choose to.”

During the board meeting, approximately two hours after the committee meeting, members approved the bid from Premier Fence Company. The measure and an explanation on why the rules were being suspended was presented by Newman. The measure to allow the purchase was unanimously approved.