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City officials to tour indoor pools
Alderman Ben Newman said he thought it would be good to visit other facilities.

McMinnville officials are going on a fact-finding expedition with the possibility of an indoor pool at the end of the journey.
“I think it would be good to go visit other facilities and talk to those people,” said Alderman Ben Newman. “We could find out a lot more by touring. We can get a good idea about cost, what they did to lower their costs, if they were able to lower their costs, and what company they used.”
The latest discussion was held during a Parks and Recreation Committee meeting.
City administrator Bill Brock says the city could also discover potential pitfalls and try to learn from the mistakes of others.
“It’s good to talk to people,” said Brock. “I like to see things. If there are any pitfalls out there, they can tell us what they are. They’ve been through the process.”
Newman added, “Things they did that maybe they wish they didn’t do.”
Among individuals in attendance were Bobby Kirby and Paige Northcutt, who were asked if they could provide the city with a list of indoor pools for the city to consider touring.
“We can do that,” said Kirby. “We know of several that have been built similar to what we are looking at.”
Under consideration at this time is a 25-meter by 25-yard lap pool with a pre-engineered building to enclose it.
Kirby suggested the city tour larger facilities as well.
“We will find several that you can look at, but I also think it would be helpful to tour the facility in Manchester,” said Kirby. “There are a lot of similarities at the Manchester pool, as it exists, and how it would fit with this. We could walk through there in 20 to 30 minutes and see this is how it would fit with the Civic Center. This is where it would attach. This is how it flows and this is how it works. I think it would be very, very helpful for all of you."
Newman asked for the indoor pool tours to be scheduled in the next 30 days so the information gathered can be discussed during a meeting in June.