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City officials look to give elevator a lift
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Regions Bank has announced it will be leaving the first floor of City Hall when it constructs a new branch on The Strip.

McMinnville officials are moving to replace a City Hall elevator that’s not.

City administrator Nolan Ming presented three options during Tuesday night’s meeting of the city Building and Grounds Committee, with No. 3 being complete replacement at an estimated cost of $176,752 by KONE Corporation.

Ming recommended complete replacement.

“It’s the most sustainable long-term solution, I feel,” said Ming.

KONE is going to provide an emergency power drive, a $5,400 value, for free. 

“If you have the elevator between the third and fourth floor and the power goes out, the emergency power drive option allows you to lower the elevator down to the third floor and let everyone out,” said Ming, in explaining the importance of the option. “That’s an add-on of roughly $5,400. That would be good to have. So many times we’ve had the power out at City Hall and we’ve had to call the fire department to get the people out. KONE is going to provide that option free of charge.”

According to KONE, this elevator uses approximately 60 percent less energy than the hydraulic-powered unit being currently used.

Options one and two would be repair only and those cost estimates were placed at $90,000 and $175,000, respectively, and neither came with a guarantee that the fix would be long term. 

KONE offers a one-year warrantee that can be extended up to seven additional years. 

KONE has a U.S. Communities contract. The city of McMinnville, if it chooses, may piggyback off that contract and avoid a competitive bidding process. 

An estimate given for project completion is six months, if the city opts to piggyback on the KONE contract. A competitive bidding process would add an additional four months, bringing estimated completion up to 10 months. 

Regions Bank is ending its lease of the building’s first floor and will be relocating by the summer of 2020. Ming said KONE could have the elevator project complete at approximately that same time and government offices can return to City Hall by late spring/ early summer.

Within the 2019-20 fiscal year budget is $95,000 for elevator repair and $90,000 for City Hall roof replacement. Ming suggested using both to cover the expense of replacement and postponing the roofing project until fiscal year 2020-21.

Building and Grounds Committee members approved option three. Their recommendation will be under consideration by the full Board of Mayor and Aldermen.