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City elevator issue reaches new level

Up to six months, that’s the wait time for elevator repairs that will allow McMinnville government to reoccupy City Hall. 

McMinnville’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved on Tuesday night a contract with KONE, Inc. to replace City Hall’s elevator at a cost of $173,300. The resolution passed unanimously.

“When will you be able to get started?” asked Mayor Ben Newman to KONE representative Michael Church

Church replied, “Once we get the contract, it will be four months.”

KONE plans to furnish and install a MonoSpace 500 machine room-less elevator system. Utilizing the revolutionary KONE EcoDisc motor, MonoSpace 500 fits into the existing hoistway with the capability to interface with existing building components.

Work will also include replacement of in-ground hydraulic elevator systems or geared traction elevators systems with a sustainable, energy-efficient, gearless traction elevator system.

The replacement will meet ADA requirements. Cab dimensions will be 62 inches wide by 67 inches deep. However, the cab ceiling will be reduced to 7 foot, 6 inches because the shaft does not have enough overhead to accommodate a cab that is 8 feet in height.

“We will not have to tear out the existing frames, but we will be skinning the existing entrance frames with stainless steel No. 4 to reduce the opening size from 44 inches to 42 inches,” said Church. 

The four-month wait will be dedicated to inspections, drawings, city approval of KONE’s plans and manufacturing.

“Once we shift to the job site, installation is typically five to six weeks,” said Church. “Hopefully, five weeks.”

Mayor Newman was slated to sign the contract Wednesday morning.