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City discusses pool policies
Addison Frazier diving.jpg
Addison Frazier soars as she goes off the diving board at Gilley Pool in this file photo. The pool remains open despite several city closures.

Gilley Pool remains open and available to everyone.

During their most recent meeting, members of the McMinnville Board of Mayor and Aldermen discussed the possibility of returning to a rule that limited the pool to Warren County residents only.

“I’m all for the pool being open,” said Alderman Mike Neal. “I would like to see us going back to limiting it to only citizens of McMinnville and Warren County. I didn’t know we had placed any pressure on Scott (McCord, director Parks and Recreation) to make money this year because of the COVID situation. I had no expectations of him making any money.”

A restriction limiting the pool to Warren County residents only was removed June 24 in an effort to increase attendance, as opposed to closing the swimming pool completely due to lack of revenue. Removed July 4 was a two-session format where the pool was open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and then 2:30 to 6:30 p.m.

The 300-person pool capacity was left in place.

In his most recent report, McCord reported to the board the pool is “close to breaking even” financially.

“If we feel like it’s a safe activity, I don’t think it matters if people are coming from out of town,” said Alderman Steve Harvey.

Neal replied, “It’s not just that they are at the pool. They are probably stopping at the store to get a drink. They are stopping at other places. It’s not a matter of them being just at the pool. I don’t want to invite trouble. I think there’s wisdom in not inviting trouble into our town from places that have higher counts than ours and their pool is closed. It bothers me.” 

No motion was made to reinstate the residency restriction. However, some discussion was held regarding closing the pool on Sundays due to low numbers. 

“Sundays seem to be low,” said Alderman Everett Brock. “There was 88 one day and 98 on another. Is it worth closing on Sunday?”

McCord said, “I think we’ve talked about it. Come August, we usually don’t open on Sundays.”

“As far as Sundays go, let’s give it another shot,” said Harvey. “The pool, in general, I think we need it. It seems to be one of the safer outdoor activities people can do. It seems to be going well. I don’t see a reason to stop. It’s a good thing, regardless of the money.”

McCord did inform the board of one slight change. With the removal of sessions, visitors are allowed to leave the pool area and return without being required to pay for re-admittance.