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City administrator spotlight: Kelly
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Editor’s Note: The Standard is taking a look at the four city administrator finalists heading into their personal interviews later this month.

Face-to-face interviews are being finalized for the open McMinnville city administrator position. 

Ken Kelly, one of the four frontrunners, will be given a tour of city departments by Police Chief Bryan Denton at 8 a.m. on March 29, and interviewed by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen at 10 a.m. Lunch will be followed by an employee meet and greet with department directors. 

Kelly is currently the chief administrative officer for the Eastern Regional Service Board in Newfoundland, Canada.

“I think, for the most part, my career has been non-traditional and differs from most people’s career path,” said Kelly. “By that, I mean I’ve worked for the private sector, I’ve worked for municipalities, and I’ve worked as a consultant – things like that. I’ve owned my own businesses. I think all of that, in a combined package, has really helped me in terms of what I bring to the table when I’m working for an organization or working with a council, or a board, or any type of team." 

Kelly continued, "The majority of my experience has been at the senior level. I have 20 years of senior experience to bring to an organization.”

Kelly described his management style.

“My style is really about servant leadership. I believe that my role is to be a liaison between my board and senior staff. My job is to bring forth their ideas to the board the best I can. So, I’m in a supportive role to them. I believe that we’re a team. Everybody is part of that team. Everybody pitches in and does their part.”

The Eastern Regional Service Board was created by the province to deliver regional municipal services to 106 cities, towns, local service districts and 63 unincorporated communities. The board has 21 mem-bers selected from the municipalities within the region.

Kelly, selected to be the first county manager, was involved in that merging. 

“I was part of amalgamating 10 municipal cities into one with full hydro utilities. This regional service board that I’m involved with, I built that from the ground up – from hiring its first employee, to select-ing its first financial system, to putting in place service-level agreements. Everything about this organi-zation, from day one, has my hand on it. I’ve been involved in reshaping departments, improving ser-vices and implementing new technologies. I think that is what I bring to this opportunity.”

If Kelly is selected by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, a work visa would be required for him to en-ter the United States for employment.