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Circuit court
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Judge Bart Stanley issued the following sentences last week in Circuit Court.

Jakob Farless was ordered to serve 30 days for violation of probation.

Richard C. Adams was ordered to serve 48 hours, pay a $350 fine and perform 32 hours public service work for first-offense DUI. He had his license revoked for one year.

James Thomas Carr was given a two-year judicial diversion for two counts of theft of property. He must pay $2,000 restitution on one count and $1,100 restitution on the other. The diversion means the charges can be erased if he gets in no further trouble.

Gaetano Carrubba was ordered to serve 180 days and pay a $600 fine for violation of the sex offender registry.

Robert N. Ghrist was ordered to serve an 11-month, 29-day sentence for theft. He was ordered to pay $24 restitution to Dollar General. He can be furloughed to rehab.

Allen Lee Hale was ordered to serve the balance of his sentence for violation of probation. He was also given 30 additional days for criminal simulation.

Richard Hise was ordered to serve 30 days and was given three years of probation for aggravated assault. He must also pay the victim’s medical bills that were not covered. He was granted a judicial diversion.

Joshua Paul Johnson was ordered to serve 145 days of a four-year sentence for habitual traffic offender, driving while license revoked second offense, reckless endangerment, and leaving the scene of an accident.

Franklin D. Nicholas was ordered to serve 48 hours of an 11-29 sentence for violation of probation and driving on a revoked license.

Clayton Owen Nichols was ordered to serve 12 days of an 11-29 sentence for domestic assault. He must undergo batterer’s intervention and have a mental health evaluation.

Ricky Lee Rogers was ordered to serve 180 days for violation of probation.

Adrian Magness Womack was given 10 years of supervised probation for possession of meth.