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Church members 'packing' after deadly shooting
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In the aftermath of deadly church shootings throughout the nation, local congregations are bolstering security measures to be prepared for the worst."We have a security team in place and they're packing," said McMinnville Church of God pastor Jeff Page. "We count on the good Lord to protect us, but he also gives us wisdom to do the things we need to do."Page said it was the South Carolina church shooting in 2015 that convinced his congregation to spring into action. He said in addition to secret armed security team members who are positioned around the congregation, all doors except one are locked after a certain time and that entrance is monitored.Page said the next step is buying cameras to position outside that one entrance so people can monitor who is approaching before they step inside the church doors."You can't wait until something happens to do something," said Page.Other local churches are considering security measures.“We don’t need to respond in ways that are fear-driven or that create panic, but we need to make decisions that are responsible and reasonable,” said First Baptist Church pastor Jeff Owens.