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Christmas not always merry or bright for all
Bill Zechman photo-Preacher and Lipscomb University lecturer Dr. Tom Riley says our lives are much like the life of Christ, filled with happiness and anguish.
For many people, Christmas is neither merry nor bright. And “peace on Earth, good will toward men” is an impossible dream.For them, the soundtrack of the season is Elvis crooning his classic “Blue, blue Christmas.”The recent death of a loved one, a broken relationship, job loss, a friend’s betrayal or financial strain — all are too common in our everyday lives. So where’s the hope of a better tomorrow the birth of Jesus Christ seemed to offer?Lipscomb University lecturer and outreach official Dr. Tom Riley, speaking to The Rotary Club of McMinnville on Thursday, painted a picture of two nativity stories in the New Testament that offer different human perspectives on the same event.