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Christian illusionist to perform
The Bryan Drake Show- option 2.jpg
Bryan Drake will be bringing illusions, mental tricks and spreading the gospel to the Warren County A&L Fair on Wednesday at 7 p.m.

The Bryan Drake Show will be bringing illusions and the word of God to the grandstands stage at the Warren County A&L Fair on Wednesday, Sept. 11, at 7 p.m.

The Bryan Drake Show mixes comedy, mentalism and illusions to entertain and share the gospel with the audience. A combination of crowd-interactive illusions and mentalism causes the audience to realize what is seen is not always reality.

“People can expect levitation, card tricks, mind tricks and fun effects,” says Drake. “I always clarify to the audience my tricks are a sleight-of-hand. It is very important to me to let others know what I do is not real magic. However, the magic of the gospel is real.”

The entire experience creates an atmosphere of tension and anticipation, attracting the audience and holding their attention to better show them God’s plan from a new perspective. During the hour-long show, presentation of the gospel will be tied in with the illusions.

The show puts a special emphasis on using Drake’s talents of connecting with people to lead individuals to Jesus Christ. He has performed for the past 10 years for thousands of people across the U.S. and the world, but Drake’s upcoming show at the fairgrounds will be his first time in Warren County.

“I love getting to meet new people in different areas, but especially in the fair environment where people are spending time with friends and family,” said Drake regarding performing at the Warren County A&L Fair.

Drake performs for students from the age of 6 to those in college. When performing for a church audience, every age attends. By explaining the illusions are not real, Drake also explains God’s love is real and unbreakable.