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CDC says students can now be 3 feet apart
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Pictured, from left, Kinsley Moore, Lela Delong and Caney Delong show us what the new CDC guidelines may look like for students. They’re excited to take one step closer to ending the pandemic. - photo by Taylor Moore

The CDC has relaxed COVID social distancing guidelines for schools, but it may not mean that much to Warren County. 

Director of Schools Grant Swallows said the new guidelines won’t have a significant effect on local schools as many students had already inched closer together.

The new guidelines from the CDC consist of the removal of plastic barriers around desks and a new distance of 3 feet between desks for all grades, elementary to high school, unless there’s high COVID spread in a community. 

If there is a spike in a town or county, middle and high school students will be recommended to stay 6 feet apart.

Swallows said, “We try our best to social distance as much as we can.” He added that the new guidelines reinforce the importance of masks and continuing to be diligent in fighting the spread of coronavirus.  

“We will continue to distance,” Swallows said. “This just shows that masks are key.” 

The CDC released this information on Friday after some school systems were already distancing at 3 feet, including Warren County.

The spread of COVID-19 has been low in the Warren County School System over the past month.