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Cashword announces Osment as first winner
Mary Osment, left, receives a $150 check Tuesday from Standard advertising director Holly Cantrell for winning Cashword.

Now is the time to ask Mary Osment for money.
Osment is $150 richer after becoming the Southern Standard’s first Cashword winner.
“It’s like trying to pick numbers for the lottery,” said Osment when asked about Cashword. “I’m going to keep on playing. Maybe I’ll win this week too.”
Cashword is a weekly puzzle appearing every Friday in the Standard. Readers find clues by looking at ads on the Cashword page, then they insert those words into the puzzle. It’s not difficult, but it takes a great deal of luck to win.
The cash prize starts at $100 and increases by $50 every week there’s not a winner. With Osment winning last week, the prize resets to $100. This Friday will be the third week of the Cashword contest. It’s scheduled to last 16 weeks.