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Carlson admits whipping son
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A father has been ordered into anger management after whipping his 3-year-old child.
The father, Josey Carlson, 25, was granted a judicial diversion on the charge of misdemeanor child abuse and was issued an 11-month, 29-day probationary sentence. He must also pay $369 and enter anger management classes. The diversion means he will have his criminal record erased once his probation is over.
His charge comes after his wife called police on him, saying the child’s father had gone too far when he spanked their child.
“The photographs show excessive redness, swelling and bruising to the buttocks, lower back and left upper hip area,” said McMinnville police detective Tony Jenkins, noting it did not appear the injuries had been made by a whipping by hand. “The injuries appear to have been inflicted by something other than a hand since no visible hand prints can be observed.”
Carlson admitted whipping his son during a subsequent interview. The reason for the whipping or an explanation about its severity has not been revealed.