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Cardboard still being recycled
Local resident James Browning is happy to know cardboard is still being recycled at convenience centers.

Josh Roberts, Sanitation Department director, was asked about the status of plastic and cardboard recycling during the county Health and Welfare Committee meeting.

Roberts said there are no updates on plastic. For cardboard, he informed the committee they are still receiving no money, but he hopes to get paid for it soon. He emphasized the county is still recycling cardboard.

“The biggest thing, the reason we are not getting paid for cardboard, is contamination. It’s terrible,” said Roberts. “I’ve been on my guys and we’ve had meetings. They’ve got to watch it better and my truck drivers, when they’re picking it up on the front loader they’ve got to look at it and if it has trash, we dump it in the trash. We are recycling cardboard we just aren’t getting paid for it.”

Presented during the meeting was a Sanitation Department report. During the month of July, the department recycled 10 percent and generated $2,425 in revenue from metal, aluminum cans, etc. Hauled to Southern Central Services was 131 loads at a cost of $37,839. 

In reference to cardboard recycling, Roberts said people in the community are intentionally contaminating the bins after learning the county isn’t currently making money.

“There are people that have come up and said well, you’re not getting paid for it anyway, I’m going to throw my trash in there and I say no you’re not,” said Roberts. “I tell my guys to tell them we are still recycling. We are keeping it out of a landfill. I just wish people would help us out a little bit and follow the rules.”

“What about the paint?” asked Commissioner Blaine Wilcher.

Answered Roberts, “The paint, we can get it once a week now, every Wednesday. They used to get it once every couple of weeks and it’d fill up and look bad. The state is going to be getting the oil-based paint, taking it for a charge, and the latex is still being poured over wood chips and hauled to Southern Central.”

Roberts also suspected a potential theft of batteries this month.

“I always have five or six batteries and I went to the fairgrounds site and we had zero,” said Roberts. “You know how people are.”

The committee approved Roberts’ report.