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Car impaled by guardrail
Fortunately there was not a passenger in this car driven by Mary Michelle Johnson, which crashed into a guardrail Tuesday morning near Fairview CIC.

A woman narrowly escaped with her life Tuesday morning when she slammed into a guardrail at Fairview, the impact leaving her passenger compartment impaled by a large piece of metal.
The woman, Mary Michelle Johnson, 54, was taken to Saint Thomas River Park Hospital for treatment of nonlife-threatening injuries.
According to Highway Patrol reports, Johnson was heading toward McMinnville on Beersheba Highway when she ran off the road just as she reached Fairview CIC. Her compact car caught the end of the guardrail that protects the community center from the highway. While the metal rail crunched as it is designed to do, the angle at which she hit the rail forced the car to impale itself on it, with part of the twisted metal coming through the windshield, narrowly missing Johnson. The car came to rest with the guardrail sticking into her passenger seat.
An investigation continues into what caused Johnson to veer off the road and slam into the guardrail.