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Bye bye, Bernie
Bernie Morris BEST
Lacy Garrison photo After serving for 24 years as Circuit Court Clerk, Bernie Morris is retiring and expresses her sincere thanks to the voters of Warren County.

You have to embrace a hectic work environment to be Warren County’s Circuit Court Clerk. That’s evident after watching Bernie Morris on the job.

Even with a staff of 12 women, Bernie is a busy bee and her desk shows signs of organized chaos. Don’t let that fool you. She knows where to find everything and can make a decision on the spur of the moment. That’s a requirement for this job.

Come September, Bernie will have been in office for 24 years and she’s ready to leave the hustle behind. “I am proud of my accomplishments, but it is time for another generation of new ideas,” said Bernie with a smile.

If you go to our county’s website, you’ll notice a short bulleted list of what takes place in the Circuit Court Clerk’s office. However, there is much more than that. 

The Circuit Court Clerk is responsible for keeping records for court cases and acts as a liaison to the public by answering questions about fines, payments, court appearances and warrants.

“You have to have a tough skin,” chuckled Bernie. “We’re usually working with unhappy people paying for something or those in our court system, but as a whole, it is amazing how the judicial system works.”

When asked about her proudest accomplishment while in office, Bernie reflected on technology. Even though she was initially paranoid of viruses or being hacked, she was able to implement a new computer system in 2014 along with selecting jurors through lists of licensed drivers.

“We are now scanning our legal documents as we go, which is a starting point and I knew that needed to be done,” explained Bernie. “In case of fire or bad storm damage, our records are backed up regularly and there are multiple ways of finding information, whether electronically or in our vaults.”

So what are Bernie’s plans for the future? She says she’s going to travel and work with her son at A&K Termite & Pest Control. She also plans on sticking around to help the new Circuit Court Clerk transition into his or her new role, which she explained was a courtesy extended to her when she replaced Buck Vinson.

“I remember asking him when I started in 1994, ‘How do you remember all this?’ and he replied that he grew with it and I did,” reminisced Bernie. She shared some advice for the next Circuit Court Clerk, “Be prepared to work hard!”

For Bernie, she hopes that payment by credit and debit cards, which would generate more revenue, happens in the future.

Bernie says over the years, she has spent more time at work than at home. Her favorite part of the job has been the relationships she’s developed along the way with her co-workers, deputy clerks, and the entire judicial system, who have become “close friends and family.”

“Being the Circuit Court Clerk has been a blessing for me,” said Bernie. “I am thankful for the voters of Warren County for putting their trust in me and giving me this opportunity.”