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Business Cheetah 6-4
New restaurant offers smooth cooking
Smooth Rapids Grill features a spacious deck that provides a scenic view of the Barren Fork River. Its a great atmosphere for relaxing with friends like Brad Hennessee, Ray Talbert and others.
It's time for the Business Cheetah Shout-Out of the Month, a recognition I give probably every two or three years.It goes to the Arizona man who was successful in getting his driver license photo taken with a spaghetti strainer on his head.This sort of behavior is normally frowned upon by stuffy state officials, but Sean Corbett was able to get away with it by saying the colander is part of his religious freedom.Corbett claims to be a member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Such followers are referred to as Pastafarians."The Pastafarians believe the Earth was created by an unseen flying ball of spaghetti and the world was created in four days," said Corbett. "The whole premise behind Pastafarianism is you're just supposed to enjoy life and do whatever you really need to do while being slightly intoxicated."The editors of Business Cheetah support religious freedom, but never want to encourage drug or alcohol use.